Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mountain Bike Magazines

Being based in Thailand there is not a huge supply of mountain bike magazines available. Maybe in Bangkok, but down here in southern Thailand, in a small town like Don Sak it's pretty hard to even find an English newspaper. On visits to our nearest big city, Surat Thani I've scanned the bigger book stores and cannot even find a Thai MTB magazine; are there any? So it's great to be able to find an on-line magazine and even better still it's free of charge.

The magazine is International Mountain Bike Magazine or IMB for short.

The magazine is only available on-line and uses Flash Player by way of presentation. Produced in the UK the current issue, No.13 Aug-Sept 2011, marks the 2nd anniversary. Published bi-monthly it is feature packed with some excellent photography and video footage from around the world. Pretty much all types of MTB riding are covered from X-C, to down hill and dirt jump. The current issue is over 150 pages and it is certainly great value for money! What am I saying.... oh yes, it's free of charge ;) Of course, being FOC means that the costs associated with publishing must be covered by advertising, but even the adverts in this magazine are classy and full of great action shots.

There are in-depth bike, gear and apparel reviews as well as coverage of the latest trade shows and exhibitions. Event reporting is also comprehensive and truly global and the tips and tricks, skills training and DIY bike maintenance presentations make this probably the most comprehensive site where you can get everything on-line in a single location.

So what are you waiting for.... head on over to IMB and check them out!

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