Friday, 21 October 2011

The Friday Video(s)

That day of the week again....

A couple of vids this week; the first one is the just short of 4 minutes trailer for the soon to be released 'From the Inside Out' MTB feature movie.

Some pretty slick filming going on......

And the riding's not too bad either!

As the intro says 'Through the film you will be brought along on our adventures as we visit the locations that we've always wanted to ride and create the lines that express our vision of the sport. This will be a film from the riders themselves to show what true freeride mountain biking is. Everyone has a dream, and we do what it takes to live ours. Inside Out is set to be released Fall 2011'.

Can't wait to catch the full length movie.......

But wonder what the crew get up to when they're not filming MTB movies??

Beautiful BC.

Get more information and catch some of their other videos at the 2ndBase Films web site.

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